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Obama: OWNED by a twelve year old

Leslie Brown

I did a story on amazing, conservative “whippersnapper” C.J. Pearson last month. Well, he’s continuing to shake things up in the establishment.

C.J. was interviewed by Chicks on the Right recently and he done told Obama “how the cow eats the cabbage”!

In this video, C.J. first applauds Giuliani for speaking that elusive TRUTH thingie about Obama. Then he has no qualms about telling Obama that if he “loved America” he would call ISIS what they are, an assault on America, a hatred of her values, and an assault on Christianity.

“I don’t want to be politically correct, I don’t care about being politically correct”….”I hope enough people will have the guts to call you out for your downright hatred for this country.”


I love this kid. He gives me hope. I would love to meet the parents that raised a kid who is not afraid to speak the truth, in an age of deceit, and stand up for what is right.

Video shared from Chicks on the Right


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