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Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Leslie Brown

When a society drifts away from the touchstone of truth, it automatically drifts towards the “rapids” of lies, and the consequences shouldn’t surprise us.

But sometimes, you just have to wonder if liberals exist in some parallel universe or something. Slimy, Chicago hack David Axelrod recently said,

“I’m proud of the fact that basically you have had an administration in this place for six years in which there hasn’t been a major scandal. And I think that says a lot about the ethical structures of this administration.”

I guess Axelrod could be right if you don’t count these pesky little scandals: IRS, DOJ, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Gruber/Obamacare, VA, NASA/global warming, Pigford, EPA, Black Panthers and Solyndra. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since nowadays, lies are the new “truth”.

David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama, says he’s proud of the fact “there hasn’t been a major scandal” during the administration’s six years in office.

Axelrod was responding to a question from the audience about the so-called Washington revolving door between lobbyists and the White House during a discussion of his recent book at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

Axelrod said his inability to take other clients when he left the White House in 2011 to help with the president’s re-election campaign proves the strict policies against the revolving door the Obama administration had in place.

“I know when I left there were some pretty strict strictures about who I could—I
didn’t take any other clients but the re-election campaign when I left in 2011 because if I had, I could not have initiated a call to anyone in the White House,” said Axelrod. “If I had a client who had any interests before the administration. That didn’t exist before. You know, has it been pristine, has there been any sort of shadying anywhere, I can’t say that is the case, that it’s been pristine. But has it been lightyears better than it has before? Absolutely. “

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