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Skin deep, or deeper?

Leslie Brown

Something that has confused me for quite some time, is the saying “Beauty is only skin deep.” I believe that to be true. So then WHY do people make such a big deal about race, when it goes no deeper?

If someone can explain this to me, please do. How does race have anything to do with the heart and character of a person? Can anyone direct me to a person who has had anything at all to do with choosing their race?

The “Me Generation” has bred a bunch of vain and superficial people who need to look past race, and look at the heart. I have waaay more in common with a black who loves the Lord than any white who does not.

Division is always of Satan, and Unity is of G-d. The enemy would rather nothing more than to divide us over something superficial when a far deeper threat is at hand. We’re getting down to the “bare-knuckled” good versus evil fight folks, and I am absolutely positive we have President who is not on our side.

On that note, we need to look for ROLE MODELS, not runway models; better yet, BE one yourself.

Designer Carrie Hammer told Huffington Post: “I think it’s expanding the definition of beauty from purely skin deep towards passion, purpose and accomplishments. I hope that women and young women see the Role Models who walked on my runway today and start looking up to [Role Models Not Runway Models].”

ua satan

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