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“God Bless America”…banned

Leslie Brown

Think we still have “free speech” folks? We’re losing it before our very eyes. Does our nation still have enough non-emasculated men to fight for our freedom?

Like it or not, the G-d of the Bible puts men in charge over the household. If you have a problem with that, maybe take it up with Him.

Decades of feminizing our nation, and decades of being “P.C.” (what I refer to a “Preparation for Caliphate) have brought us to this point. We have allowed a minority fringe of atheists and “P.C. Police” to boss us around. Is the word “boss” still O.K.? Feminists want to ban the word “bossy”; I can’t make this up.

Is it any wonder that men who can’t even stand up for themselves in their own homes have kowtowed to the government to the point where the internet now sits on the precipice of regulation by the same folks who brought us the V.A., Obamacare and the D.M.V.?

Our nation had better “man-up” and do it fast, and if they have to ask their wives for permission to do so, we are more scr*wed than I thought.


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