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Something rotten in Denmark…

Leslie Brown

With the recent attacks on cartoonists who dare sully the “Prophet” Mohammed, and proposed “Net Neutrality”, can violent attacks on free speech be far behind?

“Net Neutrality” is not about parity, balance or any other such nonsense; it’s about silencing dissent. Regulations and bullets are two different means of achieving the same effect. Good luck getting a red-headed, Texas girl who shoots, to shut-up.

Thirty bullets fired from an automatic weapon struck a cafe today in Copenhagen, Denmark where artists, writers and others were attending an event called, “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression”. Muslims were apparently not amused.

Lars Vilks, the target of the attack has faced several attacks after drawing Mohammed as a dog, in 2007. Like Charlie Hebdo said, “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.” I couldn’t agree more.

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, said he was “deeply horrified” by the shootings which appeared to be a “violent crackdown on freedom of expression.”

“Unfortunately, there are people who react with violence when their entrenched mindset meets with the free debate and freedom of speech,” Jensen wrote on his Facebook page. “We must stand firm on the values our society is built on, and never give in to fear.”

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