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No more Daily Show = Golden opportunity for Conservativism.

Christopher Harris

The world of social media is abuzz about the fact that, when his contract expires in September, after being on air for 17 years, the 52 year old Jon Stewart is retiring, and will not return to the DAILY SHOW. Well, that is going to leave a huge vacuum for “the Yutes” in terms of where they get their “news”. The question that comes to my mind is, Why can’t we fill that void with a Conservative voice and message?

I saw a recent article in the Washington Post, which I tend to refer to as the “Washington Poo”, talking about his retirement. The article was really interesting to me, mainly because of the data and graphs it had from Pew Research, on “Audience Profiles: Young and Old News Audiences”.  I am a big “numbers person”. Meaning, the way my mind works, I am able to visualize things better when I can see the numbers. While I understand that the numbers don’t tell you everything…there is quite a bit you can learn and ascertain from looking at “the numbers”. Furthermore, when you combine those numbers, with empirical data from observing “the culture”, I believe that you can get a crystal clear picture of the hearts and minds of “the Yutes” in America.

I think that when you look at it, anytime a show, or media outlet gets 40% of a particular demographic…that means that is their target market. Why is it that we Conservatives are choosing to ignore “the Yutes”.

Pew Research - 02-11-2015 - News Audience Profiles

Here is what you need to understand about those numbers:

In the 18-29 Age Group: 43% watch THE COLBERT REPORT and 39% watch THE DAILY SHOW.

In the 30-49 Age Group: 40% read the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 41% read THE ECONOMIST, 43% read USA TODAY, and 43% read assorted NEWS BLOGS.

In the 50-64 Age Group: The only outlet that got close to 40%, were the SUNDAY SHOWS, at 38%.

In the 65+ Age Group: 40% watch O’REILLY FACTOR, and 42% watch HANNITY.


Once again, with Colbert and Stewart gone, why can’t we have that void filled by a Conservative voice and message? Or at least make an attempt at filling that void with our message. My friend, Alfonzo Rachel, from PJTV, did a great video where he thoroughly explained the importance of we Conservatives making inroads with “the Yutes”, and meeting them where they are, culturally speaking. When you understand that we’ve got the best message in the history of mankind, FREEDOM, you realize that this is a golden opportunity for Conservatism, that likely won’t pass this way again for at least another generation. CARPE DIEM!!


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