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The Multiplicity of Kindness

Leslie Brown

Nine year old Myles Eckert and his family were on their way into a Cracker Barrel, when Myles found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot.

For a moment or two, he entertained the thought of buying a video game with it, but then, a soldier and his family came into the restaurant. Maybe, in a way, Myles felt like he was doing something for his dad, because he chose to give the money to soldier.

Myles’ father was killed when he was but five weeks old. All Myles has are pictures, dog tags and a wedding ring. The twenty dollar bill was wrapped in a note written by Myles and given to Lieutenant Colonel Frank Daley of the Air National Guard.

After lunch, Myles asked his mother to take him by the cemetery to see his dad. This time Myles wanted to go alone. Maybe he felt a little closer to his dad now that he had done something for the brotherhood of American soldiers.

Daley cherishes the note he got from Myles, but the money didn’t stop with him. A foundation called Snowball Express has been established to help children like Myles who have lost a parent through war. The fund as grown to over a quarter of a million dollars. That’s paying it forward, and it “snowballing”.


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