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Global Warming: a CROCK

Leslie Brown

You’d think we would have the “memo” by now, that pretty much anything the government tells us these days is “Opposite Day”. When we have an Administration and media both, full of liars, what do we expect?

It seems the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) of the U.S. government (Ding, ding, ding! There’s your warning folks!) has been “cooking the books” so to speak with regard to the “rising” global temperatures.

An independent researcher with nothing to gain but the truth, found that temperature data from multiple locations was consistently manipulated with an “across the board” increase of a degree. How conveeeenient.

Personally, I always thought it was pretty arrogant for people to think that us lowly mortals could influence the weather. Seriously? We’d have better luck leash-training cats.

“Fiddling temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever,” says Christopher Booker, not pulling his punches. And I think he’s right not to do so. If – as Booker, myself, and few others suspect – the guardians of the world’s land-based temperature records have been adjusting the raw data in order to exaggerate “global warming” then this is indeed a crime against the scientific method unparalleled in history.

In case you’re just making the realization, “Climate Change” was never really about the climate, it was about control. Since changing weather is a global phenomenon, CONTROLLING the weather handily leads to control of the entire world! Bwah ha ha! That’s been the intention all along folks, and our involvement with the U.N. provided the means to do it.

Let’s hear it for truth tellers, the new “radicals”.


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