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It’s a “MIND CANDY” Culture

Leslie Brown

I’ve actually toyed with the thought of placing on the masthead of this site, “We are a Miley Cyrus and Kardashian-free zone”.

Even the Fox News web page has items of titillating irrelevance these days.
-Bruce’s mom: how he told me.
-Jonas: Dating Miley was…
-Swimsuit covers show too much.

Regarding these “forgotten” underwear, and these insipid “wardrobe malfunctions”; back in my day that was called EXHIBITIONISM and you could get a ticket for it!

What with Michelle Obama being the “food police” these days, shouldn’t she, and all of us be even more mindful of what we put in our brains?

Just as in the academic world where more and more students opt for a “liberal arts” degree, (which my dad always referred to as a “you want fries with that?” degree) because they don’t want to tackle Calculus, Statistics, and Chemistry. Many people choose the easy road intellectually, in their everyday life, and reading material, or more likely, lack thereof.

Pretty much ANY degree these days is a “You want fries with that?” degree, but that is DUE to the fact that our dumbed down populace who knows neither history or economics thinks that socialism will work just this one time, and the idiotic Keynesian tripe about “stimulus spending”. The only thing “stimulus spending” has stimulated is our national debt and indebtedness to CHINA.

We don’t stimulate our brains with challenging material, and then we sit in front of a box called a television that spoon-feeds our brain news of proven liberal bias and insipid zombie shows. To compound the problem, watching television actually slows the metabolic rate to BELOW that of resting, so we are literally getting both fatter and stupider.

The media, and more personal, “social media” are constantly distracting us. “Hey look, squirrel!” Sadly, communications skills suffer and relationships are feeling the strain of the Siren call of electronics.

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