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Leslie Brown

Sadly, shoveling snow can cause heart-attacks. It’s both an occasional and strenuous activity that a person may not be in physical condition for.

An elderly man had been shoveling “climate change”, I mean snow off of his driveway and suffered a cardiac emergency. After transporting the man to the hospital, the paramedics came back to his home and did something that was not in their job description; they came back and completed the job of shoveling clear his driveway.

An extra step, that they were not asked or expected to take, but imagine when he comes back from the hospital; if he does Lord willing, he will know that somebody cares. He may never know who it was but, G-d will. People will forget what you say, but it’s how you make them feel they will remember long after the fact.

The firefighter in the picture is Tom Konieczka.

“When we carried him out, we knew, you know, it was just below the knee deep in snow drifts out there, so there was no way they were getting the car out of the garage,” Konieczka said.

“And really we’re encouraging our neighbors to be everyday heroes, and if they know somebody that needs some help, go out and shovel their driveway,” Greenfield Fire Department Chief Jon Cohn said.

They launched the hashtag #ShovelitForward on Twitter to get that message out, and people are responding from everywhere.

While the firefighters appreciate the thanks, they want it to be about helping someone else.

“If they want to thank our firefighters, thank us by donating a jar of peanut butter to a family that really, really needs it in the Milwaukee metro area,” Cohn said.

The firefighters have partnered with the Hunger Task Force and area Walgreens stores to collect more than 50,000 jars of peanut butter.

Cohn said the Greenfield Fire Department is just a small organization with a big heart.

If you want to see the original post or send the Greenfield Fire Department a message, visit their Facebook page.

WISN 12 News found a group that’s already shoveling it forward.

Volunteers from the Interfaith Older Adult Program were out Tuesday afternoon clearing sidewalks in the neighborhood near 44th Street and Congress on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

The group shovels and snow blows for older people who aren’t able to do it themselves.

“It is out of the goodness of my heart. Self-preservation make me feel good about what I do to help others,” volunteer Steve Gibson said.

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