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One BILLION to “Pah-ki-stan”?

Leslie Brown

Nevermind the fact that today, our national debt is over 18 TRILLION dollars. Now, Obama is planning on sending over one billion dollars to “Pah-ki-stan”. What could go wrong?

Granted, a “stitch in time can save nine” in making wise political and military strategies globally, to avert trouble, but can we really trust this guy? The Administration thinks nothing of lying to us. As Jonathan Gruber revealed in videos about Obamacare, and Hillary with the Benghazi “video story”, they purposely DECEIVE.

The budgetary proposals released by the State Department, after Obama sent his annual budget proposals to the Congress shows a more than six fold increase foreign military financing (FMF) to Pakistan from USD 42.2 million in 2014 to USD 265 million in 2016.

In addition, the Obama Administration proposed USD 334.9 million for economic support fund; USD 143.1 especially for counter-terrorism and non-proliferation efforts.

Pakistan lies at the heart of the US counter-terrorism strategy, the peace process in Afghanistan, nuclear non-proliferation efforts, and economic integration in South and Central Asia, the State Department said.

For Pakistan, the budget demonstrates US commitment to fostering stability and prosperity, and provides security assistance that promotes counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency capabilities, the State Department said.

The question is whose “stability and prosperity” we are assuring with this huge outlay of funds, because as is often the case with liars, it’s “opposite day”.

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