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Patriots in need of a leader.

Leslie Brown

As I’m sure you all know, the Patriot’s won the Super Bowl last night. It’s been attributed to Brady’s leadership. Hellloooo! Analogy anyone?

Obama would not disclose which team he picked to win the game, however as was “tweeted” last night by Markeece Young, he had to have been secretly “rooting” for the Seahawks because he’s always against the patriots. Well said, my friend.

Can we “hang on” as a nation with a metrosexual-pinkie-in-the-air-drinking woose in charge? We need prayers people, and common sense.

We need to look back at what built the greatness in our nation. It wasn’t “free birth-control”, it wasn’t “multiculturalism” it wasn’t “Political Correctness” and it certainly wasn’t big government.

We need some leaders and we need them “stat”. We also need to toss the media “squirrel” out for all of this racial division nonsense. Only in America could we have a two-time elected black president presiding over bleats of “racism”. Seriously.

Division is militarily one of the oldest tricks in the books. Are we going to fall for it, or are we going to join together for what really matters; G-d and country. Everything else is just skin-deep.

“He’s so calm and collected,” Amendola said about his quarterback. “He’s the best. He gets everybody to play at a higher level. He’s our leader emotionally.”

Associated Press

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