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Veterans over illegals.

Leslie Brown

I try to be thankful every morning for what I have, but I know there are so many things I take for granted, like the simple gift of sight.

I have a wonderful Marine husband, a roof over my head, happy healthy parents and children. I remember to be thankful for these things, but my senses, not so much.

Air Force veteran Mark Cornell lost his vision twenty years ago while serving in the military. In this video of Mark at his eye doctor’s office, he is able to see the staff for the first time after knowing them for years.

A capability of Mark’s eyes that was never gone, but is activated again is the gift of tears; tears of joy that run down his face. I am thankful that this veteran is getting the best of care which they all deserve. Veterans before illegals.

This emotional video captures Cornell’s tearful reaction when he first tries on a pair of eSight glasses, which use a camera and advanced computing to create real-time video that can be enhanced and magnified for people suffering from vision impairment.

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