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Nekkid Truth

Leslie Brown

Character matters; skin color, not so much. This is nothing radical, it is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. taught. Character is based on adherence to Judeo-Christian law; even when no one is watching. Lack of character, you sort of make it up as you go along.

Through “Political Correctness” (or Preparation for Caliphate) our society labels us as “intolerant” if we speak up, if we speak the truth about a “religion” that teaches violence, incest, polygamy, pedophilia and beastility. Soooo, what is the difference between Christianity and Islam?

Satan used his ‘secret knowledge’ to bait Eve. He hates truth and light. He lives on lies, deceit and darkness.(1)

II. Character
A. Jesus
The New Testament repeatedly claims Jesus never sinned (Hebrews 4:15; 1 Peter 2:22; etc.).
Muslims generally admit Jesus never sinned. The Qur’an nowhere claims that He sinned.
So we are agreed that Jesus was a person of pure morals, wisdom, courage, love, and every other quality of goodness.
B. Muhammad
Many Muslims claim that Muhammad also never sinned. But compare his life to Jesus’ life:
Violence and assassination
Muhammad used violence, including assassination, to defeat and convert those who opposed Islam (Qur’an 9:1-15,29). Some claim that Muhammad meant to fight only against those who first attacked or mistreated Muslims (Qur’an xxiv).(Liberals notably silent)
But Jesus converted people by teaching, persuasion, and example. He never used force, nor would He allow His disciples to use force, not even when His enemies attacked Him (Matthew 26:47-54). So who was greater, Jesus or Muhammad?
Jesus taught that a man could have only one wife for life (except in the case of fornication (Matthew 19:3-9; Romans 7:2,3).
Muhammad taught that men could have plural wives. He himself had 12 wives and 2 concubines at the time of his death. (Qur’an 4:3; 33:19-52; CRI-32)
Revelations for personal convenience and benefit
* Muhammad revealed that men could have plural wives, but not more than four at a time (Qur’an 4:3). However, a special revelation said that he himself could have more than 4 wives. He had 12 when he died, plus two concubines. (Qur’an 33:49-52)
* He revealed that no man could marry his own daughter-in-law. Then a special revelation allowed him to take the wife of his adopted son. (Qur’an 33:37)(feminists notably silent)
* The Encyclopedia Britannica reveals that Arabs once starved him, because they opposed his teaching against idolatry. He then received a “revelation” condoning idolatry. As soon as they released him, he reversed the revelation and again said idolatry was wrong. [EB, XV-647]
Need for rebukes and forgiveness
The introduction to my Qur’an says: “Moreover, the Prophet is sometimes even censured in the Qur’an” and lists as examples 9:43; 80:1-11 (p. xv). In fact Muhammad admitted he needed forgiveness from God (Qur’an 9:43).
Yet where is Jesus ever censured by God in the New Testament? Even Muhammad never claimed that Jesus sinned. [CRI-26,50; WR-99]
So God never rebuked Jesus, yet even Muslims and Muhammad himself admit God did censure Muhammad. And Christians and Muslims agree Jesus was sinless, but Muhammad needed God’s forgiveness. So how can Muhammad be as good as Jesus?
Based on their character then, who was greater: Muhammad or Jesus?(2)



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