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Living Lesson

Leslie Brown

Kids learn what is “caught” not what they are “taught”. What are you teaching your kids implicitly?

One of my friends was having kind of a bummer of a day, and she went the drive-through of Starbucks to grab a coffee. The car in front of her had a bumper-sticker that read, “Think Jesus”, so she did.

My friend paid for the drink of the person in line behind her, then drove across the street to watch their reaction. After this, my friend was giddy and uplifted the rest of the day! When we take our thoughts off of ourselves, and make someone else the focus of happiness, we end up getting happy in the process!

The young man in this video brought a couple of young girls with him to the grocery store for a “teachable moment” as they scouted people who looked like they could use the “lift” of some free groceries.

Now this guy should win an ACADEMY AWARD because he is the guy behind the “winners” in line who is paying. When the checker announces to the customers that they have won free groceries, he stands there, nonchalant, la la la.

It it is the girls with him I find fascinating to watch. Their faces are bubbling with joy as they watch the drama unfold, and the gratitude of the unsuspecting customers. THIS is what will last much longer than the free groceries. A seed planted in the minds of youngsters so that they too, will pass on the tradition of giving, with nothing expected in return.

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