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The Power of One

Leslie Brown

In a world of big “box” stores and “mega churches”, have we forgotten the power of ONE?

One: Rosa Parks made a difference.

One: Martin Luther King made a difference.

One: Christ made ALL of the difference.

What difference will YOU make? Will you leave the earth a better place than when you came, or will you leave a wake of strife and destruction?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture below, of one lady with a humble pot of vegetable soup and cornbread on a fold-up table, says so much. It says I care. It says I thought of you this morning in my preparation, and it says I’m sharing what I have, with you.

I don’t have television, so I didn’t watch the State of the Union; not that I could have stomached it, but I have already seen the vitriol piled on Joni Ernst. What is her crime? This one woman dares make a difference, as our country goes down the cra**er. If you don’t have a “fatwa” out on you, and as a female, have not been called the “c” word, get busy. There’s more you can do for your fellow man and your country.

I’ll leave it up to you if you want to click below to view the “tolerant” liberal “love”.

MSNBC Hosts Lead Chorus of Vile Misogynist Tweets Against Republican Joni Ernst

How soon before we get apologies for these tweets from despicable MSNBC hosts for misogyny they’d decry loudly if it was pointed at Democrat women? I’m not holding my breath.

MSNBC-led “tolerant” liberal “love”.


“This sweet little old lady puts out food everyday to feed those that are hungry.”
“Things like this show me there are people out there that still have hearts and that, my friends, gives me hope”.

~Shared from Kindness Blog

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