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Amazing American: Anita MonCrief

Leslie Brown

Anita MonCrief is a Facebook friend of mine, and a patriot. I know she takes a lot of cr*p from liberals for not drinking from the liberal fount, so I wanted to share some of her many accomplishments.

In 2008 this brave lady came forward as a confidential source for the New York Times, and whistle-blower for ACORN exposing their involvement with massive voter fraud.

Currently she is a Grassroots Trainer, and Curriculum Development Manager for Americans for Prosperity. Anita MonCrief is the founder of the Boots of Liberty Task Force (BOLT) and the Editor-in-Chief of, Emerging Corruption.(1)

Reflecting on her past with ACORN, Ms. MonCrief said, “I’ve learned not to back down … and I was scared.”

The liberals who bleat about a “War on Women” are often the worst offenders:

According to the conservative organization (The Black Conservative Fund) Ms. MonCrief was waving a “Blacks against Landrieu” sign in a show of support for Cassidy, the Republican candidate who is leading the three-term Democratic incumbent Landrieu in the polls.

A union worker began to speak with Ms. MonCrief and told her she should go “go down on Bill,” in reference to Cassidy. Ms. MonCrief addressed the union worker and said she was offended, but he proceeded to deny the remark and moved close to her in an attempt to intimidate her.

Ms. MonCrief said she was “appalled, but not surprised” by the man’s behavior, and that she felt like the man thought she “wasn’t in [her] place.” (2)

Anita is also an artist and writer, and in my research I discovered we share a love for Guns and Roses! Keep up the fight beautiful patriot!




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