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Zoned OUT?

Leslie Brown

Bobby Jindal has been featured here as a model “Unhyphenated American”. His family immigrated and assimilated to our country, and he now serves as the governor of Louisiana.

Before the passing of the “Hart-Cellar Immigration Act”, also known as the “Anyone-With-A-Pulse-Even-a-Low-Grade-Temperature-Fine, Act”, we had an immigration policy implemented in the 1920’s, which favored the immigration of those with similar cultural mores and values to that of the United States.

NOT NO MO! Now through the wonder of “Multiculturalism” and “Political Correctness” we now have enclaves of immigrants who have no intention whatsoever, of assimilating into our culture, aaaaannnd some of them want to chop off our heads.

Recently Jindal addressed a gathering in London:

“I knew that by speaking the truth we were going to make people upset,” Jindal told CNN during an interview from London.

“The huge issue, the big issue in non-assimilation is the fact that you have people that want to come to our country but not adopt our values, not adopt our language and in some cases want to set apart their own enclaves and hold onto their own values,” said Jindal. “I think that’s dangerous.”

Truth upsets people these days and we shouldn’t be surprised. “Multiculturism” and “Political Correctness” (or as I call it, “Preparation for Caliphate”), have practically set up the borders for “No-Go Zones” wherever they may be drawn.

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