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Wrong place; right time

Leslie Brown

Sometimes what seems like the very worst thing that can happen, turns out to be the best thing that can happen.

Jamal Rutledge was being booked into a Fort Lauderdale jail for violation of probation. As he sat waiting on paperwork, the officer, Franklin Foulks who was working, grabbed his chest and fell backwards.

Realizing the dire condition of the officer, Jamal began kicking the wall and making a ruckus to get help.

Sgt. Todd Bunin heard the commotion and responded to the scene, then radioed for help from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. Meanwhile, two other officers, Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark, began performing CPR and applied an AED to Foulks’ chest.

EMTs arrived shortly thereafter and transported Foulks to Broward Health Medical Center, police said, where medical staff concluded Rutledge’s prompt response was “largely responsible” for saving the officer’s life.

The Sun Sentinel reports Rutledge was arrested in September for violating his probation on charges of criminal mischief and burglary.

We can be in what appears to be a “bad place”, but G-d can still use if for good if we are willing.

Incident begins at 37:55

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