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Could you say?

Leslie Brown

What are you doing for others? It’s not a difficult question, but one Martin Luther King Jr. asked.

In a world of perpetual pre-pubescents, and the “Me” generation, the question is particularly relevant today. How many voted for Obama so that they would look “hip” and “open-minded”, and maybe assuage some “white guilt”.

Did voters give a second thought to the tiniest and most vulnerable members of society? Did they think about the debt we are piling on our children, and on our children’s children? Did they think about the values on which this nation was based, or were they thinking about “freebies” instead. Guess what? “Freebies” come with a cost.

What you can do for others: visit a nursing home, give to a food pantry, donate to a blood bank, take a handicapped person to the store, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, share a kind word, or visit a “shut-in”.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

~Martin Luther King Jr.

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