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Stoned Again?

Leslie Brown

Somehow, in the liberal mind, if a child-raping killer is scheduled for capital punishment, you’ll find them holding a candlelight vigil, while a woman being stoned for adultery elicits nary the raising of an eyebrow.

You see, liberals have selective outrage, much like some* believe in “shaming for thee not me.” In the liberal mind, “spanking” is barbaric…public whipping; not so much.

“Marriage” is oppressive according to feminists; an adult male marrying a nine-year old girl…not so much. This, referring to Mohammed of course.

Dismembering babies is a “right”, in the liberal mind, but for women and girls to have the right NOT to be mutilated, one hears nary a peep.

Feminists routinely bare their breasts for shock value, or dress in pink “v-word” costumes, but Muslim women forced to dresses in burkas…”meh”.

Or how about the P.E.T.A. nuts who are liable to douse one with red paint for wearing a fur? Where is the outrage when Muslims take farm animals out to “dinner and a movie”, strangely forgetting both the dinner and a movie?

What it boils down to, is that if it’s “evil”, the libs are “all about it”, if it is something that lines up with Judeo-Christian values, not so much.

We’re getting down to the “bare-knuckled” good versus evil fight peeps. Fight on.

*Click here:Todd Wagner

miss sept.


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