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A slice of love.

Leslie Brown

Mason Wartman had had all of the “fun” he could stand in the frenzied pace of Wall Street. Now he’s a “pizza guy” with a mission.

Noticing how successful the $1.00 a slice pizza shops were in Manhattan, Mason decided to go back to his home of Philadelphia, and start one himself.

One day, someone came in his shop, and wanted to “pay it forward” and buy a slice of pizza for someone in need. Mason drew a smiley-face on a “Post-It” note and stuck it on the wall, like an ersatz “gift-card”. When it was needed by a homeless or hungry person, it was theirs for the taking.

Other people followed suit in this kind act for others and now, Mason has a whole wall of sticky notes and hundreds of homeless people have been able to enter the warm, yeasty smelling pizza shop and leave with a full tummy.

Now, some 8,000 slices later, whenever someone hungry comes in – they can just grab a post it off the wall to pay for their meal. The post-its share inspiring messages of motivation or gratitude, such as “you can do it” and “you are beautiful.”

Mason’s restaurant feeds around 300 homeless people every week.

One man wrote, “God bless you. Because of you I ate off this plate, the only thing I ate all day.”

Mason treats every customer the same, no matter if he or she is on the receiving or giving end of the pizza slice.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza owner Mason appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday. Always down to help out a good cause, Ellen presented Wartman with a $10,000 check from Shutterfly.

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