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Don’t Wait

Leslie Brown

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? I’ll tell you why, because sometimes, tomorrow never comes.

Summer before last, I was in Dallas visiting with my parents. I absolutely loathe being in Dallas since I now live in a town of 1,300 (plus or minus depending on parole hearings). We were staying in an extended stay hotel while we looked at condos for them in the Dallas area.

We were literally walking distance from one of my old friend’s houses. Now I’m an “Army-brat”, and when I move, I’m not the best about staying in touch with my old friends. In a similar vein, I’m a “transportable” person and could easily leave every stick of furniture in my house behind with no regrets. My daddy always taught me “things are just a ball and chain”.

Well, I knew my friend from Richardson had cancer, and we were Facebook friends, and the last pictures I had seen of her, her hair was growing back so I assumed she was doing better. We drove down her street which was on our way someplace and my mom said, “Do you want to stop?” I said, “Nah,that’s O.K.”. Well it wasn’t O.K.

I saw lights on in the house during the day and I thought that was kind of weird since my friend did some working while her kids were in school. The lights were on her house because she had been moved home. There was nothing else that could be done for her medically. She died the very day I went down her street. Her last day on this earth and I said, “Nah”. I will always, always regret this.

Thankfully her sisters have “friended” me on Facebook and I will get to see her children as they grow up. I never got to tell her goodbye. The “Martha Stewart” of Richardson (only nice) with the most adorable Georgia twang, and I blew it. Don’t blow it.

I love and miss you Michelle.


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