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Warming “pause”, or MENOPAUSE?

Leslie Brown

Leftists never let pesky FACTS stand in their way…reminds me of some other people I know, but anyhow, it turns out that er, um, OOOPS! Some scientists were WRONG!

Since liberals are led by their feeeelings, could it be that we have just a whole bunch of warmed-over 60’s hippies that are having HOT FLASHES? Wait, no, maybe not. I think they’re even older than that.

New satellite data shows that we are not about to “Spontaneously Combust” anytime soon. That’s good. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps the climate changes in a somewhat cyclical pattern like seasons, circadian rhythms, or women’s well, you know.

But satellite temperature data shows that 2014 was not even close to be the warmest on record. In fact, 2014 was only the 6th warmest year on record, according to the Remote Sensing System (RSS) satellite data set that measures the lowest few miles of the Earth’s atmosphere.(1)

Yes, I believe we should be good stewards of the earth the Lord has given us, but I don’t think we should be dumping literally BILLIONS of dollars into something that as of yet, is but a theory.

The idea that there is significant man-made global warming is “a whole lot of baloney,” Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman insisted on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning.

“The government only gives money to scientists who will present their hypothesis,” said Coleman, a meteorologist who helped found The Weather Channel 32 years ago. “They don’t have any choice; if you are going to get the money, you have to present their position. Those are the ones the government pays for. That doesn’t make it right, that only means it’s bought and paid for.”

But Coleman, who debunked climate change in a letter to UCLA last month, told show host Brian Stelter Sunday that he resented him introducing him as a climate change “denier.”

“That is a word meant to put me down,” he told him. “I’m a skeptic about climate change, and I want to make it darned clear that [Weather Channel CEO David] Kenny is not a scientist, I am.”

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