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Have we come to this? TRUTH is “meanypants”?

Leslie Brown

The United States is based on the foundational right to “free speech”, that is unless liberals have their way.

You see, “In a world of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”~ Orwell.

I say, let the revolution begin, and let it begin with me. I will stop proclaiming the truth about the time someone pries my cold dead hands off of my weapons, because, as the recently slain French cartoonist said, “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

Liberals can just kiss my *ss because no one will stop me from proclaiming the truth. People who come into this country illegally are ILLEGALS and I will call them as such. They are not “guest workers”, or any other convoluted term the Left wants to use.

Have we not gotten the “411” that the Left is all about twisting words and phrases to suit their twisted and evil agenda? The dismemberment of unborn babies is relabeled “abortion”, the rewarding of sloth and promiscuity is relabeled “welfare”, rebellion against the Biblical chain of command is called “feminism”. “Preparation for Caliphate” is called “P.C.” or “Political Correctness”, giving unqualified individuals a “a pass” based on amount of melanin is called “Affirmative Action”, and the diluting down of our Judeo-Christian based homogeneous society is labeled “Multiculturism”.

The Santa Barbara News-Press Office was vandalized recently for get this….calling illegals what the h*ll they are…ILLEGALS! Hmmm….news office attacked… does FRANCE come to mind anyone, anyone? How do people not see that Islam and Liberalism are both part of an evil conglomerate? Somebody had to say it! It is pitiful when a country housewife has more “nerve” let’s say, than most of the pathetic men in this country…like Todd Wagner.

This country had better get out their Constitutions, then reach down and find some CONVICTIONS or we are going to lose our country. There is no nice way to say it, and I won’t even try…so sue me.

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