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Leslie Brown

I waited tables when I was in undergraduate school, and also for a time when I was a teacher. As a server*, one is privy to a unique peek into the relationships of couples.

Of course there are different levels in the continuum, but roughly, there were two types of couples; those of the attitude, that they would rather be anywhere than at a restaurant with their “mate”, and there were the couples who were happy, in love, and you knew it.

Sadly, I have seen couples talk to each other in tones they would never use to speak to a stranger, yet they speak that way to the person they have made a covenant to spend the rest of their life with.

We are all made in the image of G-d, and when we disrespect each other, we are disrespecting both the rules we have been given, and G-d. The video below show a sweet daddy giving his young daughter the high expectations she should seek as a young lady, when she enters the dating world.

If you have been treating your mate or others in a less-than-respectful manner, maybe change things up, the results may surprise you.

She is too cute! S/O to her father for raising his daughter with an excellent foundation to grow from. If only more fathers took the time out to raise their daughters and sons like this – the world would be a much better place!

Shared from Word on da’ Street

*Worse server horror story….accidently addressing as “Sir” a transvestite who had painted nails and the whole “nine-yards” to appear as a woman…

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