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The Lord is just as big at a tiny church.

Leslie Brown

My husband and I attend a tiny church in the country. Most Sundays there will be fifteen to twenty people in attendance. We love it.

There is no pretense at this church. None. I attended a funeral at the church for an elderly man I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet, at which there was chewing tobacco placed on his casket. I kid you not.

We have no stage; aren’t stages for men BTW? We have no sound system, we have no organ or piano. Last Sunday one of the young people in attendance was asked to hand to everyone in the congregation an index card on which was glued a mustard seed, an arrow drawn to it, and an accompanying verse of faith to go with the lesson. How sweet is this?

The world would have us believe “bigger is better”; the “ME Generation” likes to be entertained whilst clutching a coffee cup between their cargo-clad-shorts thighs during “worship”.

We have no elders even at our church even. Our pastor says that elders are more important than the pastor because they select the pastor, not the other way around, and they are the ones who keep the wolves out of the flock. The buck does stop with our pastor.

We love the Lord and still follow all ten of the Commandments. When you “do” for the church instead of wanting the church to “do” for you, amazing things can happen.


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