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Liberal lunacy reaches “critical-mass”…

Leslie Brown

I feel sorry for my parents. They grew up as clean-cut kids who got married in 1959. In the 1960’s they had to watch the country go to h*ll in the handbasket called, “liberalism”

Maybe they will be fortunate enough to see the “pendulum swing back” because I think liberal lunacy has reached “critical mass”. We now fund, even ADVERTISE for law-breaking illegals, while our veterans suffer.

We have totally gone “bass-ackwards” from the vision Martin Luther King Jr. set forth, as well. It’s like he never even set foot on the planet.

The foundation our government is the Judeo-Christian values of the Mosaic Law. In the 1960’s we began “chipping away” at the bedrock of it by trying to excise anything out of it that might be somehow be remotely interpreted by some thin-skinned-as-a-prepubescent-girl liberal, as meanypants-patriarchal-sexist-bigoted-xenophobic-Islamophobic, or “esteem crushing”.

The problem, is, that in the process, we left the foundation of our government as frail as the thinning bones of one with osteoporosis. Unlike the magic trick of yanking the tablecloth from underneath a table set with china and silverware, we cannot keep our government intact without support. We cannot keep it from sustaining cracks that leave it an unstable structure


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