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Against anarchy and disorder?

Leslie Brown

Police officers enforce “law and order”, ergo, their detractors or protesters are for anarchy and disorder. This is not a mental “stretch.”

Because we are for “law and order” around here and respect our officers, we share the “good cop” stories that are not the mainstay of the Jesse and Al bunch. The stories we share are about unity, not division.

Dorothy Shepherd is a 73 year old widow who lives in DeSoto, Texas. Officer John Holder came by to check on her for a “wellness” check after her knee and back surgery. He gave Dorothy his cell phone number if she were to need a ride or some help.

Ms.Shepherd has gratefully taken Holder up on the offer for rides, and he takes her to most every one of her doctor’s visits and to the grocery store as well. Someone snapped some pictures of the two at a grocery store doing some Thanksgiving shopping, and the pictures were posted on the DeSoto Police Department Facebook page. The pictures were a “hit”.

Holder wasn’t seeking to “toot his own horn”, but is glad the pictures have been given a lot of “likes” and attention, what with all of the “pot-stirrers” trying to stir up trouble these days between officers and the public. Good triumphs over evil.

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