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How HARD is this concept???

Leslie Brown

I swear! Some people are flippin’ RETARDED*! Do Judeo-Christian values teach DIVISION? Geez, when I taught math, kids hated division! Now it seems the better part of the country is manufacturing excuses for it!

Let’s see here….”G-d is love”, “Peace is from G-d”, “G-d is for life”. Does this not make it like, “CAPTAIN OBVIOUS” obvious ,that the “other side” is on the side of Beelzebub? Seriously.

We blast people for being “superficial” for buying “trout pouts”, botox and plastic surgery, then some people turn around and make a big deal out of SKIN COLOR of which no one has a CHOICE in the matter, for crying out loud!

Why do I feel like the only non-special-ed-student in a “Resource Class”? Listen up Einsteins….if we are all preoccupied with division among our OWN CITIZENS, do you realize we are creating our OWN DIVERSION so we can be “snuck up on” by the likes of say, Muslim extremists, who will happily lop off our heads?

Why would someone NOT come to the table for peaceful resolution? Why would someone endorse killing? Why would someone endorse violence? Why would someone say “G-d da*n America”?

G-d probably wishes he could grab us by the “mental collar” and shake us. If you haven’t noticed the “gray area” in this world is shrinking and we’re getting down to the oldest conflict this world has ever known…good versus evil.

At the end of the speech Farrakhan screams “we’ll tear this god damn country up.” At that point, the crowd leaps to their feet and cheers. When Farrakhan was done speaking, the crowd chanted “Allahu Akbar.”

*”According to the Left, it is far worse to call someone a “retard” than to abort a baby solely due to its mental retardation.”~Steven Crowder….BOOM!

ua satan

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