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Undercover Santa

Leslie Brown

With all of the talk in the media about “Hands up, don’t shoot”, and parody, “Pants up, don’t loot” this story is about hands conveying words of love.

Sadie Adam is a deaf six year old who usually leaves the “Santas” she speaks to at a literal loss for words since most people don’t know American Sign Language.

Police Chief Salvatore Albert, of Westminster, Massachusetts put himself on a personal “task-force” of learning the language so he could interact with the young lady he knew would be coming his way to name her Christmas “wish list”.

In a scene reminiscent of Miracle on 34th Street, 6 year-old Sadie Adam was stopped in her tracks when she sat on Santa’s lap and he started signing.

Her mother, Ronelle Adam, told WCVB, “I instantly started tearing.”

The man in the red suit, Westminster Mass. police chief Salvatore Albert, had no experience with sign language until Ronelle approached him and asked if he would learn just enough for her daughter to communicate.

“She sat with me for about an hour,” Albert said. “I practiced it for three days.”

When it came time to perform, Albert nailed it.

“Santa knew my name,” little Sadie said after the meeting. “He knew how to sign it. I told him what I wanted – a kitchen and a baby.”

Her mother said she has not stopped talking about it since.



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