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Red-headed Rant: “I’m not done”

Leslie Brown

The title of the Politico article, “I’m Not Done”, referring to President Obama, begs the question; done with what? Voiding his bowels on the Constitution, then wiping with the Bill of Rights?

What has Obama NOT finished? Economy-related, grant-funding cuts finished off my last job. I’m finished being a law-abiding citizen, because I ain’t getting Obamacare, and I’m not paying the fine either.

He has finished off our nation’s flawless credit rating. He has finished off the morale, not to mention the careers of a lot of our military. He has finished off any credibility we once had with Russia, Iran or North Korea.

He has finished off the work requirement for welfare so we can have more piglets on the teat of our government. He has finished off the feeling of safety journalists once had to speak the truth. He has finished off much of the coal industry for which there ain’t much else to do in those areas of the country.

He finished off the legacy of our military’s “leave no man behind”, he finished off any regard for the rule of law. He finished off our country’s identity as a Christian nation.

He finished off the “say-anything-to-get-elected” notion of “transparency”. He finished off manners and decorum with feet up on the desk and styrofoam-cup salutes. He finished off our Administration’s disdain, and suspicion of communists, by “buddying” up with both Cuba and Venezuela.

He has finished off the goal of energy self-sufficiency by dragging his feet on the Keystone pipeline. He has finished off any semblance of security at our borders. He has finished off decades of improved race relations for his personal agenda of division.

What he has not finished, is the desire of many Americans, such as myself to fight for our nation. You see, both politically and spiritually, we have three choices: we can be “lukewarm” and do nothing, we can defect to the other side, or we can fight like h*ll. Only one of these choices is acceptable. Semper Fi.

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