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Bridging a “gap”

Leslie Brown

Every time I go to the grocery store I can’t help but think of the elderly on fixed incomes, who find their dollars buying less and less. Just imagine the inflation they have seen in their lifetimes.

A Walmart checker in Rotterdam, New York helped an elderly man out, “on the spot”, who recently came up short with his purchases. Not judging, or thinking him “irresponsible” or “careless” like some may, she met the need; right then and there.

Maybe his mind doesn’t work as well as it used to, maybe he was ill, and out-of-sorts, maybe he was filled with grief from something we don’t even know about. The checker didn’t have to do what she did, but she cared.

There are those on street corners who are “scammers”; there are those who are not. Are we called to make a determination? We are not. Can we help every time? Most likely not; but when we do, it makes no matter to G-d if the need was real or not, because G-d knows our heart, even better than we do ourselves.

This cashier went out of her way to give a customer the extra boost he needed.

Jenny Karpen of Rotterdam, New York, a new employee at Walmart, was working the cash register on a Friday when an elderly man came to her lane to pay for his groceries, according to News10 ABC. The man handed her money for his items, but came up short.

“He was like, ‘Is it enough?'” Karpen told News10. “And I was like, ‘No, it’s not.’ So he was trying to take stuff back.”

The cashier, fearing that the shopper would be leaving without some necessities, stepped up to help. She took $40 from her own pocket to subsidize his bill, allowing him to leave with everything he planned on purchasing, which included food and pet supplies, News10 reported.

“I felt really bad for him. I didn’t want him to go home and not have something that he really needed to eat,” she told the outlet.

Inspired by her kindness, another shopper in the line offered to give her $40 for her generosity, but the kind cashier declined.

Shared from Huffington Post

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