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They want LIFE to imitate “ART”.

Christopher Harris

Remember back when people in Hollywood thought of themselves as “artist”?  Do you remember back when they thought it was important to use their artistic talents and abilities to bring their renditions of real life to the screen, stage, canvas, or whatever medium they chose? I remember back when Hollywood made movies that affirmed the culture, so art imitated life, and as a result, life continued to emulate art. In a November 2011 interview with Der Spiegel, Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, said, “I don’t think art is elite or mysterious. I don’t think anybody can separate art from politics. The intention to separate art from politics is itself a very political intention.”  Well, unfortunately, “They” (Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded people) figured out, it was via “the arts” that they could best manipulate the culture, and make a strong political statement. They started sowing seeds about 50 years ago, and today, they are reaping a harvest.

I saw this article in the Daily Mail UK, about, these sisters, “Jazzy” and “Ruby”, who have the stage name, Blonde Electra. At the end of their performance on the tv show, “X Factor”, they shared what is universally viewed as a very “inappropriate” kiss.

Blonde Electra


Besides finding it distasteful, many viewers found it to be a rather desperate publicity stunt. Apparently, they are right, because the sisters basically admitted their desperation in a follow-up interview.

    Jazzy, 24, said: ‘Leaving week one was a bit of a shock, I didn’t think we’d leave this soon. But we knew it was coming and week one, week six, it doesn’t really make a difference.

‘I’m so proud of the both of us, we desperately wanted to get into the live shows and we did. We don’t care – we’re just happy we got through this far.’

Ruby, 22, added: ‘We took the show one day at a time and we just had fun, and that’s all that matters to us. We were ourselves and we had so much fun on the show.

‘And I think we nailed Kids In America with the theme. I loved the hula hoops and the dress and the green eyebrows. It was incredible and it really represented who we were.’

What does this have to do with “Them” (meaning Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded people) wanting LIFE to imitate “ART”. Well, first it was using “Hollyweird” to “normalize” homosexuality. Next up is “normalizing” pedophilia, incest, and bestiality.

You can think that I am being reactionary, but here is what I have told many of my high school classmates. If back in June, 1991, I had said to you, “Hey, guess what. I predict that about 20 years from now…not only will homosexuality no longer be taboo…but it will be normalized, acceptable, AND CELEBRATED!! And not only will it be celebrated, but if you dare say anything negative about it, you risk losing your entire livelihood for being intolerant!!” would you have believed me?

Well…20 years later, that is exactly where we are. That is the very slippery path we have been sliding down. So what in the world makes you think that pedophilia, incest, and bestiality won’t be “normalized” over the next 20 years?

I actually love and appreciate “art”. And because I recognize the importance of “art” in the culture, I am deeply offended by what passes for “art” today. When I look up the dictionary definition of “art”, it tells me that:

“ART” noun \ˈärt\

: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings

: works created by artists : paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings

: the methods and skills used for painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.

You see, at the end of the day, it’s the culture that is the problem. As I stated earlier, Leftist know full well the power of Hollywood to drive the culture. Back in the day, Hollywood made movies that affirmed the culture, so ART IMITATED LIFE, and as a result, life continued to emulate art. The overwhelming majority of males were masculine men, and so Hollywood affirmed that masculinity on screen, and males, young and old, strove to emulate that masculinity. The majority of families were intact, nuclear families, and so Hollywood affirmed those traditional values, and society strove to emulate those values. The majority of Americans loved America, and so Hollywood affirmed that love of country, and as a result, most Americans continued to want to love this country.

However, Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded people were wicked and wily enough to know that if they gain control of Hollywood, then they could influence and control the culture. As a result, they are producing “art” that they want to see in “life”, and sure enough, life has begun to imitate “art”. Besides the breakdown in traditional family values, and the diminishing love of country…you are seeing more and more of this slouching towards Gomorrah behavior, masquerading as “art”. If we don’t stand up, say something, and then do something about it…deviance will become the norm, and the beauty of “art” will be lost.

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