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Sure, why not?

Leslie Brown

Judicial activism, or contorting our Judeo-Christian laws like so much “silly putty”, to suit prevailing opinion, has had devastating consequences on our nation.


How about the foundational unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”? “Life” now comes with “parameters”. IF the “life” is not WANTED…then “meh; it’s a biohazard bag for you.”

Have any of these liberal economic “geniuses” stopped to calculate the effect on our national economy the consequences of having a MUCH SMALLER proportion of working-age adults to support the aging “Baby Boomer” population because they have flippin’ largely been ABORTED???

Or how about “P.C.”? “Political Correctness” is what “P.C.” is supposed to stand for, but let’s be realistic, and call it what it is….”Preparation for Caliphate”. You see, when we don’t call out EVIL for what it is, we give a “pass” to a “religion” (actually a cult by definition) that chops off heads, has sex with children, beats wives, hangs gays, and takes farm animals to “dinner and a movie”.. forgetting BOTH the dinner AND movie.

The latest example of absurdity that I ran across, occurred in Florida where some “Einstein” city officials chose to let some “you’re-not-the-Boss-of-me” atheist deliver a “prayer” to a Lake Worth, Florida City Commision meeting. What could go wrong? Many of the officials walked out. Wow, that was “brave” of them (let’s say).

What is it with the better part of our country being LOW T (not what my Marine would call it FYI)? G-d will not be mocked. Do we believe His Word or not? How long do you think He is going to allow the disrespect continue to be uttered by rebellion dressed in pink “v-word” costumes and the like?

I have zero problem calling out people for what they are, whether they be either of two University Presidents, a current Attorney General/gubernatorial candidate or some hipster, poseur of a “preacher” and a “ministry”.

WND is calling this a ‘shock prayer‘ because an atheist prays to Allah, Zeus, and Satan. I don’t find it shocking at all. The atheist who gave the prayer is simply being a damn JERK and I’m glad they mayor and commissioners walked out on him:

An atheist invited to give the opening prayer at a Lake Worth, Florida, City Commission meeting recently called on the “wisdom of Satan” and declared “if almighty Thor is with us, who can ever be against us,” a perversion of a New Testament verse.

It was not altogether surprising as people with non-traditional beliefs increasingly are demanding their place in the public square.

But in this case, a number of city commissioners expressed their opinion of the “invocation” – without saying a word.

They got up and walked out.

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