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Straight-up no chaser: Fontaine

Leslie Brown

Christopher Harris posted this video on Facebook. I was intrigued, watched it, and realized it sums up our mission perfectly. We tell “straight-up” truth, with no “verbal parsley” around here.

We are not “P.C.” around here because we are not preparing for Caliphate. If we are any kind of P.C., we choose to be “Pleasing to our Creator” and stand up for the unborn, stand up for truth, stand up for what is right, stand up for Israel (because G-d said so), stand up for hard-work, stand up for accountability, stand against something as vain and superficial as skin-color division, and call out liars.

We have three choices in this life, both spiritually and politically. We can do nothing, we can defect to the other side, or we can fight like hell. Only one of those choices is acceptable.

A preacher once called my husband a “stiff drink”; I take that as a compliment. The man does not mince or parce words; nor do Christopher or I.

“In a world of deceit, truth is a revolutionary act.” ~Orwell.

truth is the new hate speech

truth is the new hate speech

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