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Will Heaven sorta be like Mayberry?

Leslie Brown

Dontcha love COUSINS?! They are the family you could call in the middle of the night, and know they would be there for you, but you NEVER HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM.

I looove my cousin. She’s like a sister to me. We are about as opposite as we can be. Let’s just say if we were houses, she has been “remodeled” and I am “original equipment”.

She likes to go-go-go! I am a “homebody”. She texted me not too long ago and said, “What are you NOT doing this weekend?” She teases me about “going into town for provisions in my bonnet.” I love this girl, she is truly one of the funniest people I have ever met.

We have some quirky things in common what with the fact we grew up with “Granny” who made people “lock arms” in the car in the days before seat belts (before OUR time FYI), and her grandmother who drove a custom 442. No joke.

We both looove us some Andy Griffith! We refer to it as a “cozy show”. You know, if one had TELEVISION, one could just leave Andy Griffith on in the background and feel loved, and safe…unless your home is being invaded or something I suppose.

I have said BAJILLION times that I would move to Mayberry in a HEARTBEAT! Yes, I know there never really was a Mayberry, but think about it; people BEHAVED in Mayberry! Does one hear of rapes, murders, adultery, lying, cheating or computer viruses??? I don’t think so.

Well not to diminish in any way the glory, light and pure, undefiled worship that will take place in Heaven, I can’t help but think it will be just a teeny bit like Mayberry, where doors will not be locked at night and people are kind and do the right thing. My cousin will still go-go-go in Heaven, and read Nancy Drew, and she’ll still make fun of me, just like I love.

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