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Leslie Brown

Out where I live, you gotta get where you’re gettin’ before “deer thirty”. Deer just loooove to come out and feed at dusk, and they are really bad about carrying insurance.

Cracker Barrel waitress Cindy Grady’s poor car (and poor deer) have had several encounters. If you have ever had to drive a car with a broken out window; let me tell you, it makes you feel GHETTO. My car was broken into THREE times, in one year in Dallas…I KNOW.

Roxann and Gary Tackett saw Cindy’s car in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel and thought it was abandoned-but it wasn’t. When they learned it belonged to a server at the restaurant they decided to do something about it. They bought her and surprised her with a very nice, and much newer vehicle.

These are the words Cindi Grady used after learning that two restaurant customers – she’s never met before – bought her a new car.

The Branson, Missouri, Cracker Barrel waitress was driving an old, beat up car to work everyday that looked “abandoned” according to Gary Tackett and his wife, Roxann.

When the couple learned it belonged to an employee, they decided to do something very special.

“I thought it was abandoned actually, it was in such bad shape,” Tackett told KOLR of Grady’s old car, which had been badly damaged after several accidents involving deer. “I talked with my wife about it, and I said, ‘Something has to be done.'”

The couple’s daughter posted the video below on Facebook calling her parents “the most generous, kind-hearted, loving people” she knows.

Sounds like my parents too…

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