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Being “the salt”

Leslie Brown

The word in Spanish for “salt” is “sal” and that’s truly what this guy is; salt.

Typically a war photographer for CNN, Benjamin Lowry, was assigned to follow around, and photograph philanthropist Sal Dimiceli, nominated as a CNN hero. Sal was captured on film doing what he does; giving himself to help people in dire straights.

“I’m just addicted to helping my fellow Americans who have fallen on hard times.” ~Sal Dimiceli

Benjamin said while he usually sees the worst of what humanity has to offer in the theatre of war, Sal has given him a glimpse into the best of what humanity has to offer.

Through his newspaper column and his nonprofit organization, Sal Dimiceli helps people in need, with food, rent, and other necessities. He’s truly doing God’s work and his selfless acts are not only uplifting to the families he helps, but inspiring to all of us whom have the capacity to reach out to our neighbors and help them in their time of need.

We all may not have the means that Sal Dimiceli does, but we should all step up, follow his lead and try harder to pay it forward. Jesus teaches us that giving and sharing should be a core part of our life. What can you do today to help a neighbor in need.

Sal’s story

Why did I embark on this journey to help the poor? Growing up, through moments of significant pain and shame brought on by poverty—times when we had little or no food, times when the electric was turned off, and out of that, the biggest pain was watching the woman I loved so dearly—my mother—crying, holding onto her, trying to console her. There I was, just a little boy with this small physical stature, but feeling that I was giving these big hugs to this pillar of a woman whom I loved so much and still do. My mother was and is a very strong woman. She is 86 years old and has a heart of gold. I used to wonder in my little, innocent world, why no one was helping my Mom. Occasionally, a relative would bring over a box of food. Most of the time the help came from my mother herself—getting it together, going out and getting a job and fending for her family. It wasn’t always like this, but these are the moments that sparked my drive and giving for others. I used to think, “Why is no one helping this dear woman that I love?” When I grew up, I found out that most people didn’t know, or primarily didn’t care. The reason they didn’t know, is because of my Mom’s pride in not wanting to disclose the problems that we had at home that caused us to be poverty stricken. If some did know, I found out that people didn’t care enough to help. That’s when I made a vow to God to work very, very hard, never forget my roots, and to help out as many people as I possibly can.


After working for more than 50 years, this poor man tries to keep his pride while starving in the streets. Social Security provided him with a choice — “Do I eat, pay my rent, or pay my utilities this month?” The meager check he gets from Social Security does not provide for all three.


Click link below to help Sal’s organization


Story shared from Jesus

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