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Nothin’ but Safety Net

Leslie Brown

I love to read. The way my brain works, I cannot read fiction though; I have to be learning something!

After reading several memoirs that involved foster children, I am keenly aware that when kids “age out” of the system, they can be left “high and dry”.

Marquis Cabrera is aware from both the personal experience, and perspective of being in foster care. Thankfully, he was adopted into a loving home after being in four different foster homes.

Through both his experience and interest in the foster care system, Marquis learned the sad statistic that 66% percent of kids who “age out” of the foster care system without a “safety net”, or support network, will end up in jail, homeless, or dead. How sad.

After attending Northeast University instead of going to law school, where he was accepted to Stanford, Harvard and Yale, Marquis chose to pursue a route of social work. The “aha” moment occurred for Marquis after he successfully turned a 16 year old around who “tanked” after finding out they were adopted.

Marquis now devotes his life to providing and supporting a network of help for fosters through education and housing, such as The Home for Little Wanderers.
We can get bitter or better. Thank you Marquis for “walking the walk” that some just talk.

Shared from Simple Acts of Kindness, click for video.


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