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One More Card

Leslie Brown

Being that my daddy was in the military and my parents moved around a lot, they have a long list of folks they send Christmas cards. Me; not so much, but here’s ONE I am going to send.

This will likely be Addie Fausett’s last Christmas. The disease she was diagnosed with at age three, is slowly extinguishing the spark from this little honey. At six, she weighs 25 pounds and struggles to talk, walk and sleep.

Though Addie’s mobility is almost gone, her little eyes can still see; beholding the outpouring of thoughts, love, and prayers from those she will never meet, nor ever see.

I love the “getting with family” part of Christmas and I especially love what it represents; a birth in the lowliest of humility. What I don’t like about the holidays, is the frenetic pace, the “keeping up with the Joneses”, the crowded stores and blatant commercialism. But I will break with my tradition of “not sending Christmas cards” this year and send just one, to a little girl in Utah, and may this one be her best.

As her family coped with the painful realization that Addie is dying, her grandmother came up with an idea: Let’s ask people from around the globe to send her Christmas cards to cheer her up. Days before the first Facebook post by grandma Maree Jensen, Addie told her mom she wanted friends like her two older sisters and to be able to laugh and play.

“Grandma just wanted to be able to tell Addie she has a lot of friends,” said Addie’s mother, Tami Fausett. “My mom wanted Addie to think she was really loved. It worked. ”

In the first days, they counted the cards one by one, up to eight the week before Thanksgiving. Then, a Salt Lake City TV station ran a story, getting the campaign wider exposure. Now, they count them by the thousands. About 3,000 arrived on Thursday — the same day the family attended a funeral for Addie’s father.

Since Monday, more than 1,000 cards have been arriving daily for Addie, said Barbara Gordon, postmaster in the tiny rural town of Fountain Green, Utah, population 1,000, about a 1 ½-hour drive south from Salt Lake City.

“Some of the stamps are so unusual,” Gordon said. “They are coming from all over the world.”

They have come from Germany, Australia and Saudi Arabia, Tami Fausett said. One judge sent a signed and stamped court order for Addie to have a Merry Christmas. One little boy sent a hand-written note telling Addie he was her boyfriend.

“She loved that one,” said Tami Fausett, 29. “She has a couple of boyfriends.”

She always smiles when they open the cards. Sometimes she lays on top of all of them on the floor. A couple of times, she’s broken down in tears. Not the type that come with a tantrum, her mother said, but the tears that come with emotion.

To read more, click below. Shared from Huffington Post

BOX 162
Fountain Green , UTAH


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