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“Give it up” for a child?

Leslie Brown

An adult might ask you to do something you might never do; but you might do it for a kid. Pride might get in the way after all, you would hate to look silly…

The New York Subway system is not what I would call a “fun” place. Dank and smelly, with rats the size of small dogs, belly-crawling in tunnels caked with years of axle grease and who knows what else.

People walk, with purpose; timing their pace to the time of the next scheduled train. Never making eye-contact-purposely avoiding it in fact.

Some fun music, and a little girl in pink coat changes everything. You see, she is still the age to be blessedly unashamed, and is blissfully ignorant of what people might think about her. You see, she hasn’t yet learned to hate anyone that doesn’t look like her because we are to have “faith as a child”. The child is smarter than all of the adults in this scene because she has one concern and one concern only. Joy.

The thing is, is that that joy can spread. And like Pee Wee Herman said, “It’s like a cable knit sweater that just keeps on knitting and knitting and knitting..” How about we knit ourselves together and make peace? Because it is then, and only then that we can have the joy of a child.

I’m up for peacemaking are you?

New York City subways are a spot for awesome displays of talent — this video is a real 2-for-the-price-of-1.
You might see people gathering around to watch a performing artist on the a subway platform or a child dancing to the beat of the music. However, what you don’t see very often is several adults dancing to the music like how this little girl inspired them to do!
The band Coyote & Crow covers Grateful Dead’s “Me & My Uncle” in this video a friend of the band posted to reddit, and you can see that this little girl is truly the best accompaniment a band could ask for.
Nice moves, little one. Nice moves.

Shared from Lift Bump. Photo Huffington Post.

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