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U.P.S. uplifting

Leslie Brown

Here’s a confession, from when I was a dumb, little kid; I used to think that U.P.S. trucks were “paddy wagons” (which is an IRISH slur..I’m just sayin’). They’re big, menacing, and U.P.S. could totally stand for United Prison System. AMIRITE?

4 year old Carson has had U.P.S. deliveries made to his home all of his life. Carson is on a special formula that comes by way of a delivery driver, so he has gotten pretty familiar with this special U.P.S. driver.

Most adults don’t really want a kid interfering or slowing down their work tasks but not Ernest Lagaska. Ernest has become an “idol” in the little boy’s life who wears tiny U.P.S. uniforms, drives a tiny U.P.S. truck (which was delivered by U.P.S. too) and has fake packages, like the “fake play food” I totally bought for ME, not my kids!

Carson had been obsessed with becoming a UPS driver since he was 2-and-a-half years old.
His mom, Karen, told KRDO News:
“[Mr. Lagasca] asked him at about 2 1/2, ‘You wanna see my truck?’ And he took off with Ernie like there was no tomorrow.”
She continues,
“He’s just one of those guys who, to me, is very special and has become a very special role model in Carson’s life,” she said.

“I’m just so thankful that he is one of the most humble, gracious men that I’ve met to interact with my young son.”(1)

It’s important to everyone to have someone to look up to; and it’s important to let our kids live their dreams not ours.

Special thanks to Nelse Wynne Jr. Picture courtesy Fox.
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