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Juanita’s Fashion R Boutique

Leslie Brown

If I’m out shopping, I always get a huge kick out the bored men who, sadly for them, get dragged into women’s stores. They sit in what I call the “bored husband” chairs, waiting….faces broadcasting, “Let me die. Let me die now”.

This is a story about a lot of helpers, many of them “dudes” who helped Juanita Morris get her boutique open again after being trashed during the Ferguson riots. Juanita lost 28 years of effort, and livelihood in the “toddler tantrum” of rage that followed the Darren Wilson decision.

“I felt helpless. Even if I had came down there, it wasn’t anything I could do. I wasn’t mad, I was hurt,” Morris told The Huffington Post in an interview this week. “When you work 28 years for a business, you don’t want to lose it like that.”

University of North Carolina student Eric Lee, 19, helped Morris set up her GoFundMe account. Home for Thanksgiving break, Lee said he watched businesses get destroyed on the news and wanted to help.

After reaching several disconnected telephones at shops that were damaged, Lee finally got in contact with Morris. Hesitant at first, Morris finally accepted Lee’s help after his third phone call, she said. Lee was the first to contact her about helping her business after the boutique burned down, she added.

Lee went to Morris’ home and stayed for over four hours, helping her set up the online fundraising page. Morris said she didn’t know much about computers, and Lee and his friends helped her through the process.

This story is just one of many that one has to “dig” to find. You see it doesn’t fit the narrative of “division”, and it fans no flames. This story encapsulates everything we are about here; loving G-d, country, others then self. It’s not brain science.

To read more on this story, shared from Huffington Post, click below.

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