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Blanket Statements

Leslie Brown

“Blanket statement are made by those already under the sheets…like the KKK.”

This quote seemed to resonate with readers last night, so I thought I would just “run” with it, what with all of the strife going on in the nation.

Has anybody NOT figured out by now that DIVISION is from Satan and UNITY is from G-d? Hellooo..Jesse and Al make a career out of being “pot stirrers”. In fact, Kevin Jackson’s latest book is called “Race Baiting: the Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry of Liberalism”, where I’m sure they have given him lots of fodder to write about.

Where are the “peacemakers” out there? Was M.L.K.Jr. it? Does it end with him? His body may be gone, but ideas, ideals and goals are abstract, and that “baton” can be picked up and carried by anyone!

Christopher Harris, my work partner is black and lives in the D.C. area. I am white and live in a Texas “white-trash” town. What we have in common is a love for G-d and country, and are both military brats.

As Lincoln paraphrased from the Bible, “A house divided cannot stand”. We need to call out race-baiters for what they are…HOMEWRECKERS. If you love our “home” of a country, how about we all move past the nothing-short-of a “cootie” mentality and focus on what matters? I’m just sayin’.




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