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Gangin’ for GOOD!

Leslie Brown

It’s a “no brainer” that Satan loves division* and strife. Strife has given very lucrative vocations to Jesse, Al and the like. How do they sleep at night, honestly?

This morning I ran across the story of this lovely lady, “Tata” from Newark, New Jersey. She is a member of a “do-good” motorcycle gang who shares food, shoes and clothing with the less fortunate.

I just love this lady! She talks about how she grew up in two-parent home, but nevertheless fell into the wrong lifestyle. Giving a man who had holes in his boots a pair of her son’s brand new boots gave her such a dang good feeling, she was hooked!

Obama is a text-book case to not “judge a book by its cover”….not to mention a Narcissistic Sociopath. Have we “wised up” America? Have we realized that CHARACTER matters? The Left saw Obama as the perfect BOY KING, the illegitimate child of Affirmative Action and Multiculturism who woke up tangled in the sheets…the next morning. Yep, character matters.

“We’ve been coming out here for the past year and a half. From my experience there are two types of hunger; physical and mental. Physical leads to stomach pain, but mental hunger is what leads a person to rob, steal and is usually a gateway to drug addiction” states Tata, who serves as this social club’s leader. The road to community engagement wasn’t a direct one for Tata, who began selling drugs and eventually guns as a young adult before the near conviction that changed her course. Her knew passion, helping those in need, is one she and the other women take great pride in. “When you’re out here you see entire families who have been displaced. It’s a reminder that each of us is a step away from being in the same predicament.”

*You might want to check into that Todd Wagner….
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