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Leslie Brown

There’s the oft told “tongue-in-cheek” stories about the poor dad or grampa who had to walk to school in the snow, uphill BOTH ways for five miles and such. Well this story is even better!

Three boys from Union High in Grand Rapids, Michigan were on their way home on a city bus after a school basketball game, when they noticed a lady shaking, and breathing rapidly.

They knew she was experiencing some sort of health emergency. She was beginning to go into diabetic shock, so the boys gave her a candy bar which helped somewhat. She asked the boys not to call 911.

When they got to the “stop” where they were supposed to get off, they just did not feel good about leaving this lady alone, as she had several more stops to go, then quite a hefty walk, which they found out about later.

At 44th Street, the “stop” of the stranger, they encountered snow; deep snow. One of the boys carried the stranger on his back for about 15 minutes until they reached her home. The mother was understandably grateful.

The boys basketball coach Brandon Guyton couldn’t be prouder, nor can I. In a world where “friends” and “good people” do the worst of things to each others at times, it so heart-warming to see three young men go out of their way to help a stranger.


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