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Watermark… of the Beast (updated 5/01/15)

Leslie Brown

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” ~John Adams

James, (see below)

Please help sir! I need to know help is forth-coming. My health is suffering but I can’t let this go for obvious reasons. I’m not being dramatic, I truly believe Watermark intends to harm me.

Leslie Brown (posted 5/01/2015)

“Care and Correction” for Watermark is rooted in its values.  The church desires to “radically commit ourselves to authenticity because nothing chases away skeptics faster then hypocrisy.”  The church has what it calls the “ABC’s of Watermark”—with “A” for Authenticity. ~Todd Wagner 

“Sue me, nail me to a tree”.  Todd  was for public shaming before he wasn’t; of course it wasn’t STAFF or a volunteer then. …

There’s a guy who “came out” both recently, and reluctantly. His name Rich Weinstein. He’s just a regular guy, but he conducted the research that broke the Gruber story by searching through hours of videos on him. When the media was approached they said, “Meh”. Like Rich says, “This is not about me.” It’s about the truth.

I have no other options but to tell this story.  Call it an expose if you will.  I would not be doing the right thing to NOT share this; this is not my choice of venue. Every word however, is true.

Like Rich, I could get no help with this story from the media, or anyone else for that matter. I was taught to never be afraid of the truth. I also didn’t want to “bring reproach on the church”. Then, I realized I wasn’t, I was just exposing how someone else had.  Call me Erin Brockovich.

In August of 2013, my husband’s mother received a letter from the Texas Attorney General stating that my husband owed 48,000+ in child-support. There was one problem; he didn’t. You see, for whatever reason, $16,054.56 was shorted him in postings to the A.G. This means a notarized affidavit was falsified.

Because of the falsehood, garnishment of $825 a month began to be taken from my husband’s check with no warning, when we were paying the best we could; $400 a month on one income. Golden Rule anyone? Was he supposed to go through the A.G.? Yes he was; somehow it was no issue for thirteen years. He was to have been given insurance invoices on the child for the past 14 years also (more on that later.)

My husband is a Marine, and a man of honor and integrity. He has missed one child support payment in fourteen years; two years paying much more than the 20% required by the state. This includes going through a bankruptcy (paid off one year early), after losing a business through no fault of his own. (documented). This also includes attending twenty months of full-time school for which we later found out he was not physically able to do any longer than six months, but we still have the loans.

In December 2013, I tried three different times to set up a meeting with the individual couple (ex and husband) privately. I was ignored, so I went to their church since husband is staff, and wife volunteers there.

Shortly after thereafter, in January 2014, my husband met by conference call for a mediation with the Attorney General’s office. The entire $16,054.56 was credited to him since we had documentation for every bit of it. Also at the mediation, we found out that $1,200 of the $16,054.56 was for insurance that was free to his ex from Watermark Church. Did I mention she volunteers in the “Divorce Care” ministry?

This explains the lack of insurance invoices. Strangely, the insurance amount has been for exactly $100 for the past several years. (You might want to check that out, “Right Now” organization.) We have a copy of the check we received from the couple when the couple was confronted with this.(documented).

Unfortunately the mediation was ten days after I was hospitalized (with no insurance) at the directive of an E.R. nurse for stress-induced hypertension. We received a five thousand dollar hospital bill out of the ordeal.

Call us crazy, but I don’t think church staff and volunteers should lie, steal, and then cover it up. I would also think that at least one person from a church of five thousand would maybe ask how I am doing health wise when they knew the effect this was having on me, and run a clinic.  We would not let our attorney even discuss dropping arrears at the mediation; that has never been the issue, and we wanted that to be perfectly clear.(documented)

Christmas 2013, when my husband’s daughter came to visit, she told us her mother said “we didn’t try to contact her at all” re: a Christmas visit. Guess what? We locked a text to a phone; we still have it (see below). My husband and I texted the mother four times. I received a snippy text saying that the mother would not communicate with me, so my husband texted her; twice. We never did hear from her, and had to go through the stepfather. Bitter much? Did I mention she volunteers in the “Divorce Care” ministry?

We have been trying to get this matter settled with Watermark, Dallas since January 2014. Our goals were always, “privacy and no court”. Initially we did not want to meet with the mega church because 1) we live 300 miles away 2) they were still lying 3) my health 4) we were told we had to have a “representative” from our church to meet, and our church has exactly one staff member; a 72 year old man who works another full time job and is hard of hearing. Our church is so small we don’t have elders. “No matter” apparently. I have gone to the elders, and all the way to the top.

I publicly forgave all involved this summer in my piece “Saved by a Baby”, sending it to Watermark and even sent a baby gift to the couple which was never even acknowledged; (I saved the receipt).  All we asked for ever, before this was for entitled tax credits, and my hospital bill. We did this to serve as a good example to my husband’s daughter. I’ll be honest, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Imagine my shock when we received a letter from the mega church saying there were “discrepancies” in my story!   Did we ever get them?  No. We asked five times.(documented)


On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 10:51 PM, Kyle Kaigler <> wrote:
Dear Rusty and Leslie,
We received your email with the blog post and just want to remind you that the Smith’s see the facts in your story very differently than they are presented.

(Posted 4/6/15)

Since then, the daughter asked us to meet for her closure to resolve this matter. She was to go home and arrange the meeting. Strangely, Watermark never scheduled the meeting after the daughter told her mother and stepfather about it. I proposed the meeting to Watermark August 8th after we waited a week.

I told Watermark, “the sooner the better” because of my health which I was temporarily putting on the “chopping block”. Now mind you, the church had been pushing us for months to have this meeting, and we had our reasons for not wanting to. After telling me a “weekday was best for them due to weddings etc.” they scheduled the meeting 22 days later for Saturday, August the 30th. I was outraged. CYA trumped my health; they would not budge.

After telling us we had to have “representation” for the meeting, (now scheduled for LABOR DAY weekend) the “rules” changed to “it had to be our pastor “non negotiable”. He had prior plans. We never dreamed the meeting would be pushed to the fifth weekend in August, a once every few centuries rare occurrence.

We had actually emailed a church in Eastland (the halfway point where we were to meet) to “borrow” an elder.(documented). Watermark refused to get me a private room at the La Quinta (for the conference room) in Eastland, Texas in which I could monitor my blood pressure. They were instead going to “schedule breaks” as if my blood pressure follows a schedule. They were however, going to supply a “peace officer”, but would not grant our request of a stenographer.

Since the meeting “fell apart”, I have contacted a larger “mega church” for help, a prominent pastor in Plano, Dallas Theological Seminary, Criswell College (which pretty much told me to “bug off”), John MacArthur’s church, and lastly Chuck Swindoll’s church. Swindoll’s church told me about a “Peacemaker’s Ministry”, that resolves issues such as this.

I have contacted Watermark church not once, but twice with this proposal reminding them the child requested the meeting, not us.(documented) I did receive a call on the 12th of this month from an attorney, that was no-doubt, designed to intimidate me. Good luck with that. I will happily give a deposition for all of this.

We have nothing to lose. My husband has been called “unstable” and me “crazy”. My husband’s daughter has been turned away from us. Isn’t division always from Satan? This is what going on in our churches folks; the Mark Driscollization of Christianity. Not a “way of life” but a “get out of Hell free card”. This is a bitter woman who hates their ex, more than they love their child.


11/29/2014 a) No word from Watermark b) Have offered to scan any document I have to WM-no “takers” c) Will happily turn over my hard drive and all documents to independent witness such as Burgess Forensics d) Will be in Dallas late December and will give media interview e) Again, will give deposition.

12/01/2014 Being that I have MEDICAL BILLS…documents are for sale to highest bidder on UA’s FB msgs. Veracity proven.

12/10/2014 Discovered hateful comments on my site were from Anita Prevett Smith. (I.P. adress from her work of the “Right Now” org.) Author : Charis (IP: ,

E-mail : Comments on pieces: Truth=Light (epic huh?), America It’s a Boy And Girl and Give it Up For a Child

12/25/2014 The daughter who was going to move in with us this fall, didn’t even call on Christmas

1/09/2015 After emailing several at WM and telling them “URGENT”, no word. Sent manuscript of book to Texas publisher.

1/31/2015 Still no word from Todd Wagner….I’m “shocked”.

3/2015 I have asked WM countless times or the Board of Directors-silence

3/2015 Was told step-daughter has “questions” WM refuses to give them to me.

(2014) RightNow Organization where Anita Smith works and Lonnie Mac Smith used to work refused to give insurance invoices for child even when sent a copy of the divorce decree. Right Now President Brian Mosely refuses to return emails (2015) Todd works with RightNow, and RightNow President attends WM, per website. Brian Mosely is an elder at Allen Bible Church. I have emailed every elder and the pastor there, only to get silence. Tim Chastain basically told me to “get lost”. I suspect, with good reason that the computer virus I got in December 2014 from Anita Smith “which just went to all of her contacts” was sent to her after being developed in the I.T. Dept. of Right Now. That is just speculation, regardless, CAN YOU SAY “COLLUSION”?

Additionally we are not the only family devastated by Watermark, hard proof from another family which includes a rather scathing indictment of WM administration and their goal of “protecting the brand”.

3/30/2015 Have emailed the TXAG after referred from Dallas DA. WM silenced my “tweets” today to #wagsthedog and Watermark Church. Still hiding. I’m shocked.

(One of two texts Anita Smith “never got”. WM repeated this lie to us AND they later were sent this…no matter.) <> Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 6:59 AM
FWD: FWD: Which time works best for you for Codi to fly here Dec. 26th: 12:25p.m. or 4:40 p.m. (from DFW)
Thx. RB

4/09/15 I am blocked from Criswell College for calling out one of their graduates, and I’m not the only one. ‏@JamesMeroney 11h11 hours ago
Im blocked 2 from Criswell College. Pretty finicky about free speech I guess. I ONLY asked them 2 FULLY evangelize. Heresy? @leslieannbrown

Re: Right Now President Brian “Mute” Mosely @BrianMosley @LonnieMacSmith Gee Brian, still haven’t heard back from you….sent 4/08/2015

4/10/2015 (Documentation from couple estranged through actions of Watermark)

Leslie, the Watermark piece is compelling. Can I ask who on staff you dealt with? It is strictly for my own knowledge and I will not act on it. ….. I think there may be a cancer within that church that has impacted me and probably you too and I am curious if our situations come from a common cancer… You have the names of all the big players but none of them were directly involved in my situation that I know of….There are a number of staff that are attorneys by training, including Bobby Crotty, so they have a lot of built in legal knowledge and they will do whatever they think they must to protect the brand…Imagine if you had but one daughter and then lost her to lies...Change “daughter” to “wife” and no imagination is required.

(Sentences left out for privacy issues, documentation in its entirety available to third party)

4/10/2015 Todd has known of the 16K falsified affidavit, the lie about the text, cheating out of tax credits, my hospitalization, and theft of 1,200 since early Sept. when he accidentally included me on a round of texts. Before then, I did not have his direct email. SM

4/12/2015 One of two attempts at facilitation of Peacemaker’s Ministry

Leslie Brown <>Oct 25 (6 days ago)

to Todd, elders, pastoraloffice


Will be willing to work w/ this organization, but we can’t afford it. Are you willing? Let me know ASAP because I do not quit.

4/24/2015 Hmm..7540 LBJ (Watermark Church) listed on DPD “blotter”. Need publisher, Leafwood declined..too juicy? Also need attorney.

4/25/2015 Documented threat from APS early 2012 re:”coming after back child support” if we put Codi on our insurance (our legal right)…now we know why.

God is the ultimate judge. Those in the ministry are called to a higher standard. We can live with ourselves, and know we fought the good fight. I honestly don’t know how these people sleep at night, but that’s not my problem. It’s a waste of time to argue with fools. We’re going on with our lives; I’m now the editor for two websites, with a book on the way. All records available publicly. Stay tuned for “Red-headed Rants of a God and Country Loving Patriot”. No release date yet.

Follow at: #wagsthedog(how the h*ll I can’t see the data on #wagsthedog “Tweets” anymore (which is my “thread”) is beyond me)

WHO THE HELL TWEETS A PICTURE OF THEMSELVES ON THE WAY TO A FUNERAL??? Can you say Narcisistic Personality Disorder?

Posted 4/30/2015 Email dated 4/09/2015
I read the Watermark Piece. At this time I believe you have some civil remedies you could pursue. I would contact an attorney for legal advice. If he believes there is a criminal offense in addition to the civil offense such as the failure to report the insurance, the offense would be filed in the county that it occurred in. You will need to contact the County or District Attorney’s Office in that county to file the offense.

Sheriff David Jones
Tom Green County SO
222 West Harris, San Angelo 76903
(O) 325-655-8111 (Cell) 325-374-3604
Sheriff’s Badge TGC best pic

Todd, you are a vile despicable person.

(posted 5/1/2015 Email dated 4/29/2015)

Ms Brown,
I have printed off the documents and forwarded them to our Specialized Crime Division for review.

James Hammond #414
Dallas County District Attorney
133 N Riverfront Blvd. LB19
Dallas, TX 75207-4399
214-653-3769 Office
214-653-3643 Fax

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  1. Leslie Brown

    dear leslie; 72 and hard of hearing yes afraid to tangle wth satan no–if they will bring the fight to our building on any given saturday i will oblige and scripture will win out over lies and deceit; never be silent when you are right luv you guys ed.

    Our 72 y/o pastor uses Facebook and sent me this message. He is also a bow-hunter, knows Ted Nugent, and is a wonderful person.

  2. I just want to say that I, too, have had major issues with a mega-church in the Austin area. Kenneth Phillips’ PromiseLand church. The church actually assisted my ex in his stalking of me. I finally had to leave the church completely. Even after I left, his son Randy Phillips (yes the famous one!) opened a church right down the street from my house. Randy then contacted me personally via email to “invite me to the new place.” Weird, seeing as how I never gave him my contact information.

    Anyway, I’m not quite sure how/why the mega-churches are now going the way of Satan, but many are. Think about it. When the whole Houston mayor thing was happening, I noticed Joel Osteen didn’t say a single word about it. Wouldn’t you think he would have supported 5 local pastors who were being bullied by the mayor – two of whom were immigrants! Something is definitely amiss here.


    • Leslie Brown

      So sorry. It is nothing short of surreal. As a red-headed marathon runner, I don’t know when to quit either. Keep following the true G-d man. Thank you for your comment. Spread the word if you would by twitter and FB. We still have our First Amendment.

  3. Leslie,

    I am very sorry to hear of this mess. I am a pastor of almost 40 yrs. My wife and I went through an attack by people we tried to help in which they accused us of everything except cannibalism. Frankly I think they would have thrown that in had they thought of it.
    I was so distraught I (a SPIRIT filled believer) can a fraction of an inch from killing myself.
    Then GOD sent 4 different people to me and each told me to do something.
    I have always had a policy of obedience. By that I mean if anyone I know is a Christians tells me to do something for my own good or my relationship with GOD I obey.
    I have always known GOD speaks to us through HIS people and that HE will honor anything we do if we are trying to do HIS will.
    One person told me to listen to a short series by Joyce Meyer called,
    Another told me to read the 1st 4 books by Merlin Carothers
    (All or short easy reads)
    And then later a pastor told me to look up about 20 scriptures where GOD promises me HIS favor and begin to confess them as promises for myself.

    LET ME BE VERY VERY CLEAR: I did NOT want to do ANY of this.
    I was hurt and broken. But I did it anyway
    I did as the tapes series instructed and as the books taught and within a few days things began to change.
    By the end of 2 weeks I was doing as well as I ever had. After a month I was far, FAR happier and more filled with joy than I had ever been any time in my walk.
    And soon the horrible stuff we went through meant less and less. And then as we blessed the people who wronged us GOD began to bless us like we had never ever been blessed.
    This was around the end of my 1st decade as a pastor.
    I have shared this many times and seen incredible victory come out of situations that looked utterly impossible.
    Recently a famous preacher who travels the world has come and gotten the same message from me and his life is turning around as we speak.
    100% of those who embrace these principles from GOD’s word see joy and peace that surpass their understanding come into their lives.

    You can find the Carothers books at “HALF.COM” FOR ABOUT 75cents + ship.
    I assume you can get the tapes via Meyer’s Ministry
    And the favor verses you can get off her tapes or on your own.

    If you don’t believe me BUT you are willing to do this if it’s of GOD, then ask HIM to give you some local conformation.
    I wouldn’t even ask unless you intend to follow through.

    GOD bless you.


    • Leslie Brown


      Thank you more than you know. I always wake up and read the Bible. I can’t even do that today (at least yet). I always read before I write on this site. NO ONE will help us and yes, we have both thought of killing ourselves. I very much appreciate your taking the time. WM won’t help, The Right Now Ministry won’t help (where the ex’s wife works) we have no insurance, I have health issues, and are w/o one of our daughters this Christmas. Just your note is a blessing. Thank you sir. LB

  4. Dallas Diva

    Wow. I’m sorry this has been so frustrating for you. Something to keep in mind is that the Bible doesn’t allow us to judge each other. It appears WM, for whatever reason, is not willing to have this meeting, or even really hear you out. It sounds to me like the AGs office messed up, but that has been cleared up by proof of payments. That is actually common for that particular office. Bottom line, you are expecting a church to make things right for you and your family, but they are not willing. That is between them and God. You can be angry, but you cannot use your anger to sin against them by implying that they are somehow being used by Satan. It sounds like you need to go to court, where these rulings initiated. Watermark is very strict on its members and staff. If this couple has crossed a boundary set by God, Watermark will take steps to bring them to repentance, although you may not be informed of those steps. You have to do what’s right for you and your family, according to God’s plan, whether or not Watermark, or its leadership ever meet your expectations. I’m sorry you’ve had to struggle with all of this and I will be praying for you.

    • Leslie Brown

      Thank you for your comment. We have gone on with our lives. The huge irony in all of this is that the job I had to get in 2013 when hit with the huge payments, was editing for an ER nurse of a regional advisory council; he likely saved my life when I had a health crisis. I was then offered a position editing this site. From there, and a book on the way. Why would daughter strangely quit communicating with us? That is nothing short of division; a fact, not a judgement. Watermark was “all about” public shaming in 2006 (look it up); now when one of their own…not so much. Leaders take accountability. Thank you for praying for us.

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