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Rag-tag Runners

Leslie Brown

There are no neon running shoes in this group, no “technical tees”, or fancy singlets. But there is unity and a passion to win.

The Clarkston High School Boy’s Cross Country Team from Georgia doesn’t have enough funding for everyone on the team to have proper warm-up apparel.

Whatever this team is lacking, it more than makes up with determination. Surprising nearly everyone, they recently won the State Championship for their Division in Georgia.

These are some of countries the boys hail from: Ethiopia, Eritrea, North Sudan and Kurdistan. I think that if high schoolers from different countries and cultures can get along and excel, then Americans from the SAME country with different amounts of melanin can maybe “suck it up” and get on the same page!

Coach Wesley Etienne explains, “We don’t pull up to a meet like any other school does. We’re pieced together.”

But for this group of students, it’s more about being a team, than having the best equipment.Senior Chevon Guthrie says, “I’m not gonna lie, it would be nice to have the warm, good-looking jumpsuit with your name on it, but we have each other, and that’s all we really need.”

To read more on this story and see how to help the team, click below:

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