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“Religion of Peace”…Opposite Day!

Leslie Brown

Seriously? How long are the liberals going to continue with both the asinine and inane mantra, that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”?

Have we not all figured out that liberals lie unabashedly? Who DOESN’T know this? Have we so turned our brains to mush watching drivel like “Honey Boo Boo” and pre-pubescent zombie shows that we are incapable of any measure of higher-level thinking skills?

A stupid people are much easier to control, so is it any surprise that our public education is dumbing down our students and liberal academia is putting the brain-stupor of a cherry on top?

P.C. doesn’t stand for “Politically Correct”, it stands for “Preparation for Caliphate” people! Pull your heads out of you collective bums! At least you’ll stand a “running chance” before you get your head chopped off!

Like I have said before, division is always of Satan and unity is always of G-d. This is not a difficult concept. Soooo, should we be shocked that Muslims are siding with the Ferguson protesters? Seriously! We need some men that are not “gonadless old panderers” to take our country back while there is still something left of it.

We are fixin’ to have a mass ADOPTION forced on our country and WE (that would be you and I, and every other tax payer) get to pick up the tab. Have we not figured out yet that Obama is a “globalist” who has been educated and funded for years for the destruction of our country? But, hey! “Multicultural”.

Obama is what happens when political correctness and Affirmative action wake up tangled in the sheets….the next morning.

Liberals just looooove to be “benevolent” with other peoples money, aaand liberals don’t think long term, just what makes them feel morally superior at the moment.

Go ahead and laugh…we are thicker skinned than pre-pubescent girls around here!

opp day

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